June 23, 2006


The Economist asks why there is such a greater problem with Islam in Europe compared to America, the cultural differences between Europe and america being on of the factors:
Some of Mr Ellian's criticisms of Europe are philosophical: it is too cynical and mercantilist a place to wage a war of ideas in defence of the Enlightenment. Some are personal: “Five years ago, my Afghan sister-in-law emigrated to the United States, where she now works, pays taxes and takes part in public life. If she had turned up in Europe, she would still be undergoing treatment from social workers for her trauma—and she still wouldn't have got a job or won acceptance as a citizen.”
The Welfare State having stopped them integrating with the rest of society the only option is to form a society of their own apart from the mainstream. The Welfare State is quite happy with this, as is Islamic theology which puts loyalty to the Ummah above loyalty to whatever nation happens to be hosting individual Muslims. Talking about Mohammad Sidique Khan Steve, the Pub Philosopher notes:
How come Iraqis are his 'people'? Khan was a Pakistani [actually he was British]. He had chosen to identify the Iraqis as his 'people' as part of his commitment to jihad. However, his rage was conveniently delayed until after the invasion of Iraq. He clearly wasn't angry enough about the bombing, gassing, imprisonment and torture of 'his people' by Saddam to attempt a suicide bombing in Iraq or against the Iraqi embassy. Like most Islamists in the UK, he was unconcerned by the mass murder of Muslims by other Muslims.
Segragated into a victim group for the Welfare States convience to be love bombed is naturally going to make some people think that this makes them victims of everything, that has happened, ever, or else why would such a big fuss be made over such a small facet of their lives? The Welfare state has massively over emphisised one part of people lives, so it is no wonder that they also think it more important than it actually is. They are effectively paid to do so. The problem is that the culture that the Welfare State has chosen to use as the focus of it's attentions is a culture that is failing its people world wide. That is the reason that they came here in the first place.

But like all monotheisms Islam does not deal well with failure. When Islam was created it was conquering all before it. Islamic culture the most advanced in the world it. Obviously theirs really was the one true omnipotent god, and their prophet really had delivered the final perfect message of that god. However Islamic culture is now failing. Yet the god still the only one true god and the message still final and perfect. So either they are not following it correctly, with the logical course being to try and follow the message more closely and devote yourself to it more fanatically. Or there is a massive consipiracy against them. People taking either, or both, options are seen all to clearly throughout the Islamic world.

Luckily exposure to radical Islam is one of the best ways of building feeling against it, rather like how the vacination is the best way of preventing a disease.
Osama's approval ratings in Jordan have gone from 60 percent to 24 percent in one year. Good going, Zarqawi.
Similar things happened in Algeria where instead of trying to dampen down Islamist groups they where allowed to work themselves up, rapidly turning against each other, splintering, and turning against themselves.


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